Government Vacation Rewards FAQs: Getting the Cheapest Travel with GVR


Here’s how Government Vacation Rewards can help you fit your dream getaway into a tight budget, no strings attached.

While going on a luxurious vacation may seem like a pipe dream, even the most spendthrift travelers can find a way to afford their dream getaway. But how?

At Government Vacation Rewards, we truly appreciate how much time you’ve spent serving your country and your communities — and we know more than anyone that you deserve a vacation. To ensure that each and every American hero gets the rest and relaxation they deserve, we offer exclusive rates on travel bookings for government employees and military personnel.

Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Government Vacation Rewards to help you navigate our site and start saving big on all of your future travels.

Q: What is Government Vacation Rewards?

A: First and foremost, you’re probably wondering: what exactly is Government Vacation Rewards? The answer is actually pretty simple — Government Vacation Rewards is an online travel retailer with an on-site search engine that qualifying members can use to book their travels at the lowest possible price.

Browsing through our vast selection of hotels, resorts, and cruises, you’re sure to find that the deals we offer are impossible to beat. Plus, the more often you book with us, the more Travel Savings Credits you will earn, which can be spent on booking your next vacation!

Q: What are Travel Savings Credits?

A: Travel Savings Credits are the secret to our impossibly affordable prices. When you first create your account, you’ll automatically get $150 worth of credits, which are not subject to blackout dates for peak travel times. After you register for an account, you’ll earn more credits for every dollar you spend through our service — now that’s what we call a great bargain!

Q: Who is eligible for a Government Vacation Rewards membership?

A: Our mission is simple: we aim to help serve those who serve our country. With that in mind,
Government Vacation Rewards memberships are available to any and all active military service members, veterans (plus their friends and families), and government employees of all stripes, from teachers to civilian contractors. So go ahead, book a vacation with us — you’ve earned it.

Q: Can I use my Military Star Card to book vacations?

A: Absolutely yes! As we’ve said, our goal is to make things a little easier for the heros in our lives who really need a vacation, and we’re always happy to accommodate your needs.

Q: How low are Government Vacation Rewards’ prices?

A: They’re the lowest, and we guarantee it. Not convinced? Feel free to do some research of your own, and compare our prices to the ones our competitors are offering. If you can find a better deal elsewhere, please let us know — we’ll be happy to match it.

Q: Is additional assistance available when booking?

A: Need a hand making your travel plans? No problem! There are plenty of ways to contact us, and our friendly staff is always more than happy to help, even with the smallest of questions.

If you’d like to talk to a representative, we’d be happy to take your call. But if you’re just looking to keep up with all of our exciting deals, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for frequent updates. Plus, if you’re enjoying your vacation, feel free to tag us — we’d love to know how much fun you’re having, and maybe even feature your vacation on our social channels!

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